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Member highlight – Ernesto!

We’re shining the spotlight on Ernesto this week! He’s been putting in some hard with in classes and individually with Coach Megs, and hit some

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What’s a “Free Intro?”

It’s not a beginner class, or a fitness test, or even a movement assessment of any sort. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting sweaty…yet! You

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NEW Fall Programming Cycle

As we dive into fall, we’re also moving into a new training cycle! We are crazy impressed with all the incredible progress our members are

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Testing Week Prep 101

This week, our group classes are re-testing certain lifts and workouts that they’ve been training for throughout the past 4 weeks. Lots of hard work

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Mobility minute

Ft. Coach Hannah! Here’s an easy ankle mobility test and fix for you! Step 1: Measure out a thumbs distance from a wall and line

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Why Track Your Workouts?

You hear this often in Functional Fitness Gyms. Scores, counting and workout logging. How many reps? How much weight on the bar? How fast did

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