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All New 6-Week Programming Cycle

Hey 416’ers ,

What better way to start February than with a jolt of focused programming!!! We’re excited to challenge and coach you to some new gains at home! Even though times are tough, we are in control of outcomes. We want to make fitness something you enjoy, so we hope this cycle will provide something to look forward to each and every day!

The week of Feb 1 we will do some testing to set the stage for the next 6 weeks.

Strength – We’re testing our strength endurance in the Goblet Squat, Single Arm Floor Press, and Bulgarian Split Squat. Throughout the cycle you’ll see a variation of these movements with contrasting supersets in higher rep ranges. So lots of time under tension and sweat!!!!!

Conditioning – We have a spicy conditioning workout, and a Dumbbell Complex to test our capacity. The only way to improve on these is to challenge your threshold. So you can expect some lung burning workouts, complimented with some interval and dumbbell complexes throughout the week!

Some other things to watch for in February:

Toronto Throwdown -At Home Series – We have collaborated with some other downtown gyms to host an 3-week virtual competition, open to all levels. The fun starts on February 18th!!!! Check out the webpage for more details

416 Express – 30 Min workouts for those days you are struggling for time – this is included in your membership. Make sure you communicate to your coach any days you may need to quick workout substituted in and they will put in your calendar.

416 Body – Coach Derya has created 30 of the best body building finishers, if you have some additional time and want to increase some of your “look good” muscles this program is for you. Contact karolina@416fitnessclub.com

416 Gymnastics – Coach Karolina has created an at home gymnastics program with 3x per week of skills and drills to improve your handstand and pistols. If you’ve attended her Handstands at Home classes, you know how effective her gymnastics coaching is!!! If you’re interested, send her an email karolina@416fitnessclub.com

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