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6-Week Quarantine Training Cycle – Part 2

We’re still at home, but we can keep improving! This is going to be fun!

We’re getting “Complex” with our strength work! Get ready to test your capacity both unilaterally and bilaterally, as well as your VO2 Max (yikes)!

Here’s what’s store over the next 6 weeks!


This round we are combining unilateral and bilateral movements to give you an opportunity to isolate both sides then challenge the bilateral movement pattern… all in 1 go! In a perfect world we are evenly balanced in strength, stability, and mobility on both sides – though that may not be the case we should train with the intention to create symmetry. These strength complexes will help eliminate overtraining on the dominant side, utilize core muscles and prevent injury. Another bonus of training complexes, you learn how to move seamlessly between different movements, you train your coordination and balance!


We all miss hitting benchmarks, barbells and getting our souls crushed, this round you’ll be sure to see a quarantine’d spin on HERO workouts and benchmark favourites at least once a week!


The beautiful thing about handstands is that you can do them almost anywhere. If you’ve got a wall, you can practice! We spent a day dedicated to handstands last cycle, and we will continue to build on those skills and strength.


Sometimes it’s even better than the party itself. Don’t skimp out on the extra fun as you may miss the important chance to build a stronger core or embark on a gun run.

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